What is it...?

Un Roce de Alas it’s an affectionate way of saying goodbye. A way of expressing good wishes like… Take care!. Good luck!. Be happy! A hug...a special one. 

That feeling of happiness in specific moments of life, those that generally happen unexpectedly, by surprise, without looking  for it. That moment, that breeze, that moment to be enjoyed. Seconds, sometimes minutes, reflected in a brief smile difficult to hide. That feeling, that pleasure, ¡that!...is Un Roce de Alas

Is that essence the one we want you to receive. Not only you will wear a special, soft, pleasant sock, that you will certainly enjoy, ¡it goes beyond!, it’s a caress. ¡Feel it!

Socks are part of our identity. They are a form of expression. 

From Un Roce de Alas you get a sock which is 100% national, both in design and production.  Produced by manufacturers who value quality. Made with combed yarn and without any seams at the toe. An ageless sock, perfect to wear it your way.

Something we have very clear is that almost as important as the sock is how and where you get it. Whether it’s for giving it as a present or for your personal use, we all like to be pampered. We have also valued this aspect including a box according to what you get…  something special. Enjoy it!

And transport is essential so that everything runs smoothly. That is why we trust in Zeleris because it  offers us a lot of confidence in what they do, in their job. The last part of this process so that you feel "el Roce de Alas" as soon as possible.